Digital storytelling?

My father did a lot of storytelling. He invented lots of stories. Walking in the woods with him, we asked for a story, he did his walking storytelling. When I grew older he told me he almost never knew the next part of the story. He had to invent it sometimes just seconds before telling the story. But he did also prepare  stories when at work.

Telling a story is like playing a game. The storyteller is capturing the listeners in a web of sentences and emotions. The story has its rules.  The listeners do engage in the story by bodily reactions, emotional signs.

Digital storytelling is not like the P2P emotional web of the story told face to face. It is more like writing a book.  Listeners or readers reactions (mostly) do not help shaping the story.


My name Caritat

Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas de Caritat, marquis de Condorcet  17 September 1743 – 28 March 1794), known as Nicolas de Condorcet, was a French philosopher, mathematician, and early political scientist.  Condorcet descended from the ancient family of Caritat.
My mother always told me we had a famous French name, but when I grew older my elder brother told me another story.
My mother was a foundling and nobody knew her name. She was taken care of by an elderly lady who named her Caritat because of  she being given to her. It is a Latin word meaning giving.
My mother did learn a lot of her new mother, who was a teacher in a Midwestern town. My mother went West with a bloke who was shot by some Injuns and that is why she became a teacher in the DS106 City.

Cold Feet

cold feet news


Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, September 06, 1900

Only 40 years after the golden cowboy era, people write about cold feet in the newspapers. I am happy they do mention some agricultural news at the end of the article about cattle raising business.



Home on the range #western106 #ds106

Oh, give me the steed and the gun that I need
To shoot game for my own cabin home;
Then give me the camp where the fire is the lamp
And the wild Rocky Mountains to roam.

A home, a home
Where the deer and the antelope play,
There seldom is heard a discouraging word
And the sky is not cloudy all day.

o give my a 4 wheel drive  and the guns that I need
to shoot some neighbors  at will
then give me my media moment
and some victims to shoot and kill

a gun agun
an automatic big gun
a gun agun
an automatic big gun







My egg

This egg was my lucky egg when I was in Univ. I always had this egg with me. First it was a fresh egg, and soon a very smelly egg. The second edition was a boiled one. Very smelly after some time. The third and best one was an empty egg. But that one crashed. This here must be the umpteenth edition. The eggs were very unlucky, and I did my students life.

The luck of the mascot was negative and mine was positive